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National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive makes Bush dictator in event of a terrorist attack or disaster
Former Reagan official says "something's in the works" to trigger a police state (Held over)
False flag reminders from the POAC forum
Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us: Secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war, Britain will be 'Siberian' in less than 20 years, threat to the world is greater than terrorism
Must see: What happens at Facebook.com does not stay at Facebook.com
Dateline 2002: "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq..."
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This is what a smoking gun looks like compliments of www.electiledysfunction.com DO you really think your vote was counted? (quicktime MSNBC Vote Fraud Video: Quicktime video

National Committee for Voting Integrity

20 amazing facts about voting in the USA

Electronic Privacy Information Center's Voting page

November  2006
federal agency is set to recommend significant changes to specifications for electronic-voting machines next week 11-30
Alaska Is At Again: Refuses to Release 2006 Election Database Despite Court Order 11-29
Convicted GOP Fundraiser Forced To Repay $13.7 Million...$3 Million For His Own Prosecution. 11-28
A coalition of advocacy groups filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] in Florida Tuesday claiming that officials in Sarasota County failed to investigate or report various alleged malfunctions with the touch-screen voting machines and are calling for a re-vote in Florida's hotly-contested 13th Congressional District. 11-24
Republican wins Congressional election by 369 votes in district where 18,000 overwhelmingly Democrat voters miraculously failed to register their vote for Representative 11-23
GOP's Jean Schmidt Declared Winner In Contested Ohio Race 11-23
A circuit judge in Leon County District Court, William L. Gary, ruled that the state must move quickly to test Sarasota County’s paperless e-voting machines to help determine what, if anything went wrong in the undervote for Florida’s Congressional District 13 11-22
Buchanan declared winner in Florida: Democrat Christine Jennings contested her 369-vote loss in the 13th District, asking a judge to order a new election because of problems in Sarasota County, where more than 17,000 voters who cast ballots in other races Nov. 7 failed to vote in the congressional contest. 11-21
Leahy Calls On Justice Department To Investigate Laura Ingraham’s Phone Jamming 11-20
Sensing impending doom, Secty of State Cobb (R-FL) cancels voting machine audits. 11-17
Congressman Calls For E-Voting Paper Trail After 18,000 Uncounted Votes In FL District. 11-16
Democratic House candidate Christine Jennings not going to roll over in face of stolen election in Florida 11-15
Ohio's 2006 vote count now includes a higher percentage of uncounted ballots than in 2004, and a statistically impossible swing to the Republicans 11-15
The recount in Florida's 13th Congressional District won't include the 18,000 votes that disappeared, as they were cast on electronic machines with no paper backups. Anyways, enjoy resolving that 386-vote margin of victory 11-14
Candidate who voted for himself on electronic voting machine surprised to see his official vote count is zero 11-13
The Sarasota Triangle: Why America Needs to Examine the Election in Florida's 13th District. Once Again, Election Officials Blame the Voters and Defend the Machines 11-13
Republican robocalls may have prevented Democrats from picking up at least 7 more seats in the House 11-11
Somehow nearly 18,000 voters failed to cast a vote for either candidate in a hotly contested Congressional race. Result: Republican candidate wins by 368 votes. Bonus: It's Katherine Harris's old seat 11-10
VIRGINIA, FLORIDATED: 91,000 citizens questionably barred from voting 11-9
Daily Kos: [update] BREAKING: Bogus VA voter calls point to Allen campaign 11-9
Patriot arrested Tuesday at a polling place in Allentown after smashing an electronic voting machine with a paperweight 11-8
Evidence in VA voter intimidation investigation pointing to Allen campaign 11-8
Conrad Burns Revokes Press Credentials Of Newspaper That Ran Poll Showing Opponent Ahead. 11-8
Long Lines, Problems with voting machines reported across Ohio 11-8
Scarborough: “Why Are The Republicans Against Paper Trails?” 11-8
Maryland's Republican Governor busses in homeless people to hand out flyers showing republicans as democrats 11-8
Even Neal Boortz had problems voting. Of course, he's kind of an idiot, so it may have just been him. 11-8
Candidate’s ad tacked on to emergency radio broadcast> The paid ads caused the nonprofit, noncommercial Davis station to violate Federal Communications Commission rules as well as its own policy giving equal time to candidates. 11-8
In effort to protect the sanctity of the American vote, conservative talk radio host is encouraging listeners to flood the Democratic hotline for reporting voting problems 11-7
Ongoing compendium of this season's election related dirty tricks. 11-7
South Carolina governor is now a disenfranchised voter 11-7
In effort to protect the sanctity of the American vote, conservative talk radio host is encouraging listeners to flood the Democratic hotline for reporting voting problems 11-7
Ongoing compendium of this season's election related dirty tricks. 11-7
South Carolina governor is now a disenfranchised voter 11-7
GOP robocalls in Nebraska use the Democratic candidates voice. 11-7
FBI investigating Allen campaign for voter intimidation 11-7
Voters Swamped With Phony Guides Funded By Oil, Tobacco Companies. 11-7
Republican Dirty Tricks Come to Brown-Doolittle race in CA 11-7
"Here's how the 2006 mid-term election was stolen. Note the past tense. And I'm not kidding." 11-7
Election Fraud Suspected In Utah. Four Times The Population Registered To Vote. 11-7
GOP candidate uses Federal Emergency Alert system to air his advertisement on stations who were not airing his advertisements 11-7
Tenn: African Americans are getting phone calls telling them if they voted for Harold Ford Jr. in the August primary, they don't need to vote for him again now. 11-7
Virginians getting false phone calls telling them they can't vote or that their voting place has changed or that they'll be arrested if they show up to vote tomorrow. With audio 11-7
MD Steele (R) supporters print flyer to make it look like their candidate is a Democrat 11-7
Florida Candidate Finds Unattended Voting Machines in Pinnelas County 11-7
New Hampshire: GOP breaks law to trick voters into thinking robocalls come from Dems 11-7
Fraudulent electioneering calls hit Washington State. 11-7
Indiana: Candidate for Marion County prosecutor may have broken the law with his robocalls 11-7
NRCC targetting 20 candidates with illegal phone calls by FCC standards (TPM Muckracker with FEC listings) 11-7
San Diego County Registrar Assigns High School Students as Touchscreen Inspectors! Sends Thousands of Hackable Diebold Machines Home with the Students on 'Sleepovers' for Weeks on End! 11-7
Electronic voting machine problems frazzled voters and election workers in dozens of precincts as the polls opened Tuesday, delaying voters in Indiana and Ohio and leaving some in Florida with little choice but turn to paper ballots instead. 11-7
Jim Webb files DOJ complaint against GOP in VA. Claims organized GOP effort to suppress Democratic vote, including calls to citizens claiming they will be arrested if they vote 11-7
The Robocalls - A Roundup 11-7
Missouri: Missouri doesn't require photo ID in order to vote. Poll worker asks voter for ID. Poll worker insists on ID, saying she was instructed to do so. Voter in question was Missouri's election chief 11-7
Robocall smoking gun found: your help needed: Robocallers caught using spoofed return phone numbers in their calls: Intent to deceive may lead to fraud charges 11-7
Let the recounts begin: Expect to see charges of voter fraud, intimidation, and manipulation 11-7
Republican robocall dirty tricks campaign rolled out in *53* races across the country to harrass Democratic voters with calls pretending to be from the Democratic candidate. RNCC May Face Fines For Violating “Do Not Call” Registry Rules. 11-6
New Mexico Dirty Tricks: GOP Targets Voters With Hispanic Surnames Phone Calls From State Republican Party Tell Voters Of Non-Existent Changes To Polling Place Locations 11-6
All Four Major E-Voting Machines Flip Votes in Early Voting 11-6
Dick Morris predicts “GOP Massacre” - “Bloody Tuesday” for Republicans 11-6
Previously Unreleased 200-Page Report Said to Document Some 180 Security Flaws and Recommendations Made to Diebold and the State NOW RELEASED IN FULL! Still Unclear as to Who Made Changes, Additions, Redactions to Publicly Released 40-Page Version of Report 11-6
Electronic voting causing headaches in Katrina zone 11-6
San Diego Diebold "Sleepovers" Again! · Lawsuit Now Filed! 11-6
Just a reminder before you vote on Tuesday: The software running on Diebold machines was designed by a guy convicted on 23 counts of felony theft. 11-6
Top election falsehoods, myths, and talking points 11-4
There are three reasons why all-electronic voting machines are a bad idea: Transparency, recovery, and audit
Diebold Hid Operational And Security Flaws In Voting Machines From Public. 11-3
Texas Republican county commissioner puts up signs saying "Encourage Terrorists. Vote Democrat." outside middle school where early voting is taking place 11-3
Felony charges were filed this week against 12 signature gatherers accused of registering Orange County voters as Republicans without their consent – part of a criminal probe into voter flipping. 11-3
Academic Study Predicts Democrats Are Likely To Gain 32 Seats” 11-3
Hacking Democracy: This cautionary documentary exposes the vulnerability of computers - which count approximately 80% of America's votes in county, state and federal elections - suggesting that if our votes aren't safe, then our democracy isn't safe either. 11-3
Don't like the voting rules in Ohio? Change them and screw all the people who have already mailed in absentee ballots 11-2
Voting early and voting often now available for those lucky enough to be using Deibold equipment 11-2
HERE WE GO AGAIN: 'Just Push the Yellow Button and Vote as Many Times as You Want' on Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machines! 11-2
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox and the AP own the exit polls and have defied John Conyers' request for the raw data, keeping that data secreted from even qualified independent researchers. 11-2
More allegations of Voter Fraud–and guess which party it favors. 11-2
Fascist propagandist Ann Coulter (R-thatsamanbaby) may face felony charges for illegal voting, after she repeatedly refuses to cooperate with official investigation. 11-2
computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis is seen in this video testifying under oath in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio. He tells the members how he was hired by Congressman Tom Feeney in 2000 to build a prototype software package that would secretly rig an election to sway the result 51 / 49 to a specified side. 11-2
White House-Tied Company Floods Competitive Districts With Phone Calls Meant To Suppress Voter Turnout. 11-1
Hacking Democracy: New Documentary Exposes Vulnerability of Electronic Voting Machines 11-1
Confusion Threatens Voting Rights: Voters Warned to Defend Their Rights 11-1
Diebold Fumbles Attempt to Stop HBO Airing of 'Hacking Democracy'! 11-1

November  2005

Diebold may decide against selling new equipment in North Carolina after a judge declined Monday to protect it from criminal prosecution should it break state law. 11-30
Tennessee is about to plunge headfirst into unverifiable elections by spending 25 million for electronic voting machines. 11-28
Voting machines draw fire at hearing 11-23
Stop Diebold electronic voting! CA's Republican plans to STEAL YOUR VOTE. 11-21
PA county residents urged the Voting System Task Force to pick a voting machine that would produce a paper trail. 11-21
Diebold unveils new $10 million plant 11-18
Brennan Center Finds "Full Face Ballot" Law in New York Does Not Limit Elections Officials' Choice of Voting Systems Calls on State Board of Elections to Allow Local Elections Officials to Choose from Full Array of Available Voting Machines 11-17
The Staggeringly Impossible Results of Ohio's '05 Election 11-15
ACLU, NAACP Ask House to Redo Voter Law 11-15
What John Kerry definitely said about 2004’s stolen election and why it's killing American democracy 11-11
The era of paperless, fully computerized voting machinery ended Tuesday in California. 11-10
ELECTRONIC VOTING 'PROTOCOL BREACH' KEEPS SCHWARZENEGGER FROM VOTING! LA County Registrar, Diebold Supporter Admits 'Protocol Breached in Advance of Election' Governator First Instructed to Use a Provisional Ballot, Given Normal Ballot Anyway! 11-9
Ohio: Election-reform amendments draw definite battle lines in state 11-7
Blatant voter suppression tactics in Seattle. Republicans have challenged, "under penalty of perjury," 1,943 voters in next Tuesday's election . This un-American GOP deceit isn't limited to Washington. 11-7
GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims: "the Bush regime has no business in the White House whatever" 11-4
Conyers hearing in which Clinton Curtis testifies that he was hired to create hackable voting machines (.wmv)
Arkansas online to receive electronic voting machines from ES&S 11-3



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