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National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive makes Bush dictator in event of a terrorist attack or disaster
Former Reagan official says "something's in the works" to trigger a police state (Held over)
False flag reminders from the POAC forum
Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us: Secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war, Britain will be 'Siberian' in less than 20 years, threat to the world is greater than terrorism
Must see: What happens at Facebook.com does not stay at Facebook.com
Dateline 2002: "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq..."
POAC Video Archive
Most of the links here will be broken for the next few days. Our webhost won't allow us to have copyrighted material on their servers even though we are legally entitled to present them via  'fair use'  Title 17, Sec. 107 of the U.S. Code. We are in the process of finding a new host for the files 
Conspiracy of Silence: This documentary was listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. (.wmv 39 mb)
You're doin a heck of a job, Pauly: David Paulison testifying before a House committee regarding poisonous gas in FEMA trailers.
Rep. Steve Cohen making a statement regarding Harriet Miers' refusal to comply with a Congressional subpoena.

George Bush's Power Grab: Authorizes Martial Law Provisions

Sarah Taylor testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee July 11,  2007
POAC original: K street Project
POAC original: Soldiers, fight for humanity. A slideshow narrated by Charlie Chaplin
Computer programmer Clinton Curtis testifying at the December 13th, 2004 Congressional hearing in Columbus, Ohio naming Republican Congressman Tom Feeney as the person who hired him to prepare vote-rigging software.
The Power of Nightmares
Charlie Chaplin rings true... eighty years ago
Donald Rumsfeld denying saying that he ever said he knew Iraq had WMDs and then being confronted with his own quotes by a 27 year CIA veteran at the Southern Center for International Studies in Atlanta. (youtube.com) added 5-4-06
Donald Rumsfeld denying he ever said Iraq was an imminent threat and then being confronted with his own quotes on Face the Nation
Stephen Colbert publicly outing the the PNAC with Bill Kristol. Kristol is obviously flustered (.WMV format 16 MB) added 5-2-06
Stephen Colbert performing at the Whitehouse correspondents dinner 2006 
ABC news expose on FEMA contract with Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing.
George Voinovich breaks into tears on the senate floor asking his colleagues to consider their actions in appointing Bolton as ambassador to the U.N.
Galloway v the US Senate 2005
Tom Delay on 60 minutes (.temporarily offline)
Daily show clip on the GOP politicizing the pope's death (.temporarily offline)
Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn implies judges encourage violent attacks upon themselves on the Senate floor (.temporarily offline)
Daily show clip demonstrating the pervasiveness of GOP propaganda talking points (.temporarily offline)
Republican Congressman Peter King: "We already won. It's all over but the counting... and we'll take care of the counting". 
Bush's big joke 
Bush wiping his glasses on David Letterman's producer's jacket
Bush gives the impression of being wired at his April 29th, 2004 news conference. (.temporarily offline)
Senator Isakson on the floor of the United States Senate extolling the virtues of the filibuster to protect the rights of the minority from being overrun by the majority... in Iraq (.mov file) (.temporarily offline)
Daily show clip on Bolton nomination (.wmv) (.temporarily offline)
John Bolton expressing his disdain for the U.N.
Stunning presentation on the PNAC (.wmv)
Andrew Natsios telling us that the reconstruction of Iraq would cost US taxpayers only 1.7 billion and any other estimates are just "hoopla". 
Bush telling the world that he doesn't know where Bin Laden is and that he doesn't think about him that much 
Bush tells an audience that he's still after Bin Laden and Porter Goss cracks up (.mov) (temporarily offline)
Republican brownshirts chanting "Hey ho Social Security has got to go". (.wmv) (temporarily offline)
National Security State (temporarily offline)
Cover-up: The Iran-Contr Affair (19 min 23 sec)
Exposed: The Carlyle Group How The The Military-Industrial Complex Has Subverted Americas Democracy  (5 parts)
Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice telling the world that Iraq is unarmed and poses no threat BEFORE the run-up to the Iraq invasion 
CNN coverage of Jeff Gannon (temporarily offline)
Peaceful demonstrators being caged in and peppersprayed by police in the USA (temporarily offline)
Taxpayer funded republican propaganda disguised as a news story (temporarily offline)
Bush giving a one fingered victory salute (temporarily offline)
Republican National Convention fear mongering video montage (temporarily offline)
Stephen Colbert publicly outing the the PNAC with Bill Kristol. Kristol is obviously flustered (.WMV format 16 MB) added 5-2-06
Stephen Colbert performing at the Whitehouse correspondents dinner 2006 (.avi format 197MB) added 5-2-06
Pat Robertson on CNN, during a commercial break, taking direction from his handlers regarding how to spin a discussion from the truth, and accusing the CNN call screener of setting him up. "...the last one was ok, but the first three were all homosexuals."  Hate and paranoia in one clip (5.87 mb .wmv) added 5-28-05
Robert Novak saying that we should pull out of Iraq (2.41 mb .wmv)  added 5-28-05
Fox News anchor comes out and states it: Asks Se. Trent Lott why a compromise was needed when "we" had the votes for the nuclear option. (2.35mb .wmv) added 5-28-05
Daily show clip demonstrating the pervasiveness of GOP propaganda talking points (.mov)
National Press Club panel discussion with "Jeff Gannon" (WMV format)   (MOV format)
Short clip of Fox "news": blame the liberals for high oil and gas prices (.wmv)
Shut up! Shut up! Turn off his mike! O'reilly and the 9-11 victim's son (.wmv format)
The O'reilly example (.ram format)
A fair and balanced discussion with Radio show host Mike Malloy (.wmv format)
Media coverage of the Jeff Gannon Scandal (.wmv)
Daily show episode on Jeff Gannon and blogs (.wmv)
CNN coverage of Jeff Gannon (.wmv)
Keith Olbermann coverage regarding the 2004 presidential election (.mov)
Taxpayer funded republican propaganda disguised as a news story (realplayer)
Bill O'reilley lying about Paul Krugman to Paul Krugman's face. O'reilleys lies are pointed out (.mov)
Human Rights/Liberties
The suppression of dissent and free speech at a peaceful protest outside the Halliburton headquarters (.mpeg 9.42 mb) added 5-28-05
Police brutality after a union rally 11-20-03 (.mov)
United Nations sponsored TV ad to end landmine use. Censored in the U.S. (.mov)
Peaceful demonstrators being caged in and peppersprayed by police in the USA (.avi)
"War on Terror"
Trailer for "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" (.mov format) added 4-21-06
Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre: Italian documentary regarding the use of white phosphorous in Iraq. (.wmv) added 11-17-05
Robert Novak saying that we should pull out of Iraq (2.41 mb .wmv)  added 5-28-05
Why we fight: This film places the Iraqi war in a historical context and examines the forces - economic, political and ideological - that drive American militarism (realplayer 1 hour 49 minutes)
Trailer for Dahr Jamail: Witness in Iraq (.mov)
Dahr Jamail's talk at New College was days after his recent return from Iraq and was the beginning of a lecture tour throughout the United States. If you did not have a chance to see one of Dahr's dozens of US lectures, here is one lecture - in its entirety - produced by the students of New College. 5-3 (realplayer)
Loose Change 2nd edition 
Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11: Professor Griffin argues that "omissions and distortions" in the report amount to a cover-up by government officials and says that the available evidence suggests that the Bush administration was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. (wmv)
9-11: In plane site from thepowerhouse.com (realplayer 51 minutes)
9-11:Highjacking catastrophe (realplayer 1 hour 10 minutes)

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