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Embarrassing Republicans


If I were a leader in the Republican Party I think I would have a very difficult time going back to my constituents and act as if I support our President and his continuing lies and poor decisions. How could an honorable person do that? Since 9-11 the Republican Party has not passed any significant law that has helped its citizens. It is as if they are out to destroy every thing that I believed that our country stands for. I thought the Republican Party stood for conservatism. Name one thing that this Administration has done that is conservative. How is trying to interfere with someone dying with dignity being conservative? How is lying about going to war being conservative? How is supporting a President who says he will continue to use false and deceptive information disguised as news releases being conservative? How do you tell your people torture, rape, and murder are okay now? Have all of you forgotten things like truth, honor, justice, and the American way? Just what kind of hold do these NeoCons have over the Republican Party to make you do the things you do? When does supporting the party line become too much? When will it be time to tell people like Frist and Delay that there is no longer any place for them in our government? Delay is nothing but a despicable liar. And Frist isnít much better. Iíd be embarrassed to be in the same room as them.


If I were a leader in the Republican Party, I donít believe I could support this Social Security Scam, the Patriot Act, or Genocide in Iraq. I could never support a President who did his best to prevent an honest investigation of 9-11. I could never support a President who sat on his ass for OVER seven minutes while Innocent Americans were dying in the WTC, and did nothing. I couldnít support an Administration who outed a CIA agent and breached National Security. The List goes on and continues to grow. Yes, if I was a leader in the Republican Party, I would be so embarrassed that I would have to resign. I guess I have too much Honor and Integrity.     


Any law which fails to protect the humble disgraces the names of those who made it so.



Tim Adams

 [email protected]


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