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The folly, truth and tragedy of George w. Bush's "Long War"

 A.K.A., "The War on Terror": To bring "Democracy" via Military adventurism and corporate greed to the Islamic World. And: his intended division of a once great and Benevolent Nation.

By: Kim Smith

George W. Bush Bin-Laden's vision for Amerikaís future is coming into clearer focus following "Election 2004": For the next generation or more, the Amerikan people will be told to sacrifice their children, their tax dollars and the remnants of their democracy to what a top U.S. commander now candidly calls the "Long War."

While Central Commandís Gen. John Abizaid defines the "Long War" as an indefinite conflict against "Islamic extremism" around the world, Bush Bin-Laden and his fascist supporters have already opened a second front at home, to silence domestic dissent that they see as "Sapping Amerikan Will."

Not only has Bush Bin-Laden continued to purge his second-term administration of even the most soft-spoken skeptics, his disdain for criticism has emboldened his supporters to routinely refer to public dissenters as "traitors".

Take, for instance: this letter from a Bush supporter who was infuriated when USA Todayís founder Al Neuharth suggested in an opinion column that U.S. troops should be brought home from Iraq "sooner rather than later."

"This is war and you should be put in prison NOW for talking like this," someone wrote. "You give aid and comfort to our enemies and aid them in murdering our proud soldiers. You people are a disgrace to Amerika. Your families should be put in prison with you."

If you think the extreme contents of this letter are just some rabid rhetoric, you should pursue other comments that Neuharthís modest suggestion elicited. http://www.editorandpublisher .com/eandp/columns/pressingissu es_display.jsp?vnu_content_id =1000743012

Many of Bush Bin-Laden's first cabinet are abandoning ship or being thrown overboard because of "collisions of conscience" and the unconstitutionality of his fascist warmongering charade. The few decent people Bush Bin-Laden mistakenly hired have been "fired" in an even more obnoxious and demeaning manner than Donald Trump "fires" his apprentices.

Retired Gen. Brent Scowcroft, George H.W. Bush Bin-Laden's former national security adviser who warned about the risks of getting bogged down in Iraq, is being dumped as chairman of the Presidentís Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

The transition to President Bush Bin-Laden's second term, which: we can now refer to as: "the 4th Reich", is filled with backstage betrayals, plots and pathologies, it would make for an excellent chapter to be added to "I, Claudius". The elder Bush Bin-Laden's national security adviser was the last remnant of traditional Republican realism and conscience permitted to exist within the administration." http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa /story/0,12271,1380800,00.html

_________________The Kerik Fiasco______________________

While banishing doubters, Bush Bin-Laden has been recruiting sycophants, sociopaths and other forms of tragically inbred miscreants to re-create a hierarchy which would be the envy of Lucifer, himself.

Bush Bin-Laden's stupid and cunning choice of Bernard Kerik to run the Department of "Homeland Security" collapsed after disclosures of Kerikís questionable judgment and lack of character in other jobs and his hiring of an illegal alien as a nanny. But the more troubling fact is that Bush

Bin-Laden wanted a "yes man" like Kerik to oversee a department with broad powers over the civil liberties of Amerikan citizens.

Though Bush Bin-Laden judged the former New York police commissioner to be a "good man," others who knew Kerik had different opinions. For instance: while working for a Saudi hospital 20 years ago, Kerik ran the investigative arm of a security force that harassed and spied on Amerikan employees because they werenít complying with strict Saudi rules governing "Proper Conduct", according to former hospital employees interviewed by the Washington Post."Kerik was a GOON," said John Jones, a former hospital manager who also called Kerik and his security team "The Gestapo."

"Kerik used heavy-handed tactics in following single men around and keeping them away from Saudi women," said Ted Bailey, a doctor at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. A paramedic named Michael Queen said, "Men and women had to be careful with security, but Kerik was the one we watched out for the most."

In his 2001 autobiography, "The Lost Son", Kerik said the Saudi moral code put him in an awkward position of having to investigate the private lives of Western employees. "It was challenging, negotiating such a closed, rigid system and trying to find justice in laws that, to an Amerikan, were unjust".

Yet: while expressing discomfort over the demands from his Saudi boss, Kerik followed orders and kept tabs on fellow AmeriKans.

Eventually: even Saudi authorities concluded that the hospital security team went too far. Kerik and five other members of the security staff were FIRED AND DEPORTED, the former hospital employees told the Washington post Dec. 8, 2004. http://www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A45175-2004Dec7 ?language=printer

Bush Bin-Ladenís choice for Attorney General is White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, who participated in legal opinions asserting Bush Bin-Ladenís right as Kommander-in-chief to ignore international law and also the constitutional protections of U.S. citizens by labeling them "enemy combatants", when the time comes to "justify" a crack down on all free speech, so they can "legitimately" be "disappeared" into U.S. run concentration camps around the world.

In summing up the White House position on Bush Bin-Ladenís "right" to authorize and order torture, one military lawyer called the scope of authority being asserted "presidential power at its absolute apex." [Wall Street Journal, June 7, 2004]

To replace Secretary of State Powell, Bush Bin-Laden has picked his close confidant and national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, who helped whip up Amerikan fears of Iraqís supposed weapons of mass destruction by alluding to possible "mushroom clouds." Rice is so close to Bush Bin-Laden that she once slipped up at a dinner party and referred to Bush Bin-Laden as "my husbÖ" before catching herself and replacing that with "President Bush." (What a Freudian slip for Condi to make at a dinner party! This should be an indicator that he has "fly trouble" as well as his other disorders)

Possibly more than any other administration in memory, Bush Bin-Laden has prized blind loyalty over all other "virtues". In reinforcing this notion, Bush Bin-Laden has bestowed "high honors" on subordinates who complied with his wishes no matter how wrongheaded, indecent, illegal and immoral.

On Dec. 14, Bush Bin-Laden debased the "medal of Freedom" by giving them to fascists like; former CIA Director George Tenet, who gave Bush Bin-Laden the false intelligence on Iraqís WMD's to justify the war; to retired Gen. Tommy Franks, who agreed to divert troops from chasing al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin-Forgotten to Bush Bin-Ladenís other priority of invading and raping Iraq; and to former Iraq administrator Paul Bremer, who purposely ensured the chaotic U.S. occupation would be made worse by the administrationís decision to disband the Iraqi army and target Iraqi women and children for death.

Now: as Bush Bin-Laden looks forward to his second Inaugural, the disturbing view of the future is of the "Long War", fought across the Islamic world; with no end in sight. In an interview with the Washington Postís David Ignatius, Gen. Abizaid acknowledged that the "Long War" is still in its early stages and will consume decades and tens of thousands more deaths. "Victory also will be hard to measure", Abizaid said.

Despite the gravity of this moment, there has been no debate in the United States about whether the "Long War" strategy to subjugate the Middle East is, first: morally right and, second: achievable to any measurable degree.

For its supporters: the warís "necessity" is "beyond debate", given that "Islamic extremists" from "al-Qaeda" attacked U.S. targets on Sept. 11, 2001. Bush Bin-Laden himself was one of the main planners in a military-oriented solution to the "threat" in the days after the attacks as well as on the stupidity of making the invasion of Iraq a centerpiece of the tragedy, even though they KNEW Saddam Husseinís secular dictatorship had nothing to do with Sept. 11.

The fascist thinking went that U.S. military force in Iraq would give rise to a pro-Amerikan government in Baghdad, followed by similar changes in other Middle Eastern capitals as more puppet regimes were installed. The only worthwhile discussion, for them, was over tactics for "winning," not the wisdom of taking the moral high ground by making a national act of contrition, completely withdrawing the brutal occupying forces, and making restitution to the innocent people of Iraq.

If one concludes that the Sept. 11 attacks were a lucky punch, that would suggest that a more targeted reaction to "Islamic terrorism" might be in order: Such as: a mix of defensive measures at home, and seriously addressing the root causes of Islamic animosity: like the ongoing U.S. Financed Israeli vs. Palestinian genocide. Something which should be addressed by pulling the Amerikan purse strings tightly closed and ratifying all 24 UN resolutions against Israel we previously vetoed. Also: an end to the Amerikan racially motivated genocide against the Islamic world.

Under this analysis: waging a "Long War" and occupying a major Islamic country such as Iraq has put the Unit States in greater danger, not less. The goal of killing "a lot of "rag-heads"" as Abizaidís advisers describe the challenge, while it may be an emotionally satisfying event for the fascists, it will never work because current U.S. policy is generating more hatred around the world and thus: is inciting more "Islamic extremists".

When U.S. troops engage in torture, sexual humiliation of captives, executions of battlefield wounded, using women and children as human shields, and the deliberate killing of women and children, which are unfortunately the predictable results of the U.S. invasion of Iraq when knowing the track record of the U.S. for racist abuses, it is quite apparent that antipathy toward the United States is deepening. [For example: see the Los Angeles Timesí Dec. 29, 2004, article "Getting an Education in Jihad" about a Lebanese teacher who grew so furious over U.S. mistreatment of Iraqis he traveled to Iraq to join the insurgents.] http://www.latimes.com/news /nationworld/iraq/la-fg -fighters29dec29,0,4812140 ,print.story?coll=la-home -headlines

The hard truth is that Abizaidís "Long War" will not only be long, bloody and costly, it is counterproductive, increasing danger to the American homeland, not reducing it. Meanwhile; the war exacerbates political animosities at home, while inviting the Bush Bin-Laden junta and its successors to step up suppression of dissent.

Just as the long "Cold War" gave rise to the "military-industrial complex" that President Dwight David Eisenhower warned against and General Smedley Butler's warnings of the coming abuses that absolute power incubates, the "Long War" against "Islamic extremism" has put the United States on a course toward a more militarized society, a form of government more like a Fascist Empire than a Republic.

To further shore up Bush Bin-Laden's grip on absolute power: he has threatened all members of congress who do not vote to confirm those 20 disputed federal court nominees: they would be "Targeted for Defeat".

This is basically a war where "Victory": as defined by this administration; is who has the highest "body count".

Whoever the "Victor" is: We have all lost if we continue to allow them to drive us down this path.


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