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National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive makes Bush dictator in event of a terrorist attack or disaster
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Dateline 2002: "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq..."

Project for the New American Century, PNAC, neoconservatives explained

Their Goal: The neoconservative agenda

Established in the spring of 1997 and funded largely by the energy and arms industries, the Project for the New American Century was founded as the neoconservative think tank whose stated goal was to usher in a “new American century”.  Having won the cold war and no military threat to speak of, this group of ideologues  created a blueprint for the future whose agenda was to capitalize upon our surplus of military forces and funds and forcing American hegemony and corporate privatization throughout the world. In their statement of principles they outline a fourfold agenda:

1) Increase an already enormous military budget at the expense of domestic social programs

Must see video: best documentary I've seen to date exposing the PNAC
Click here to see an interview with the creator
Click here for free preview (.ram format)
2) Toppling of regimes resistant to our corporate interests  
3) Forcing democracy at the barrel of a gun in regions that have no history of the democratic process  
4) Replacing the UN’s role of preserving and extending international order  

(This all can be read in their own words at www.newamericancentury.org)

Their Method

  According to their own document, Rebuilding America’s Defenses ( .pdf format ) their stated goals would never be realized “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event –like a new Pearl Harbor”. (page 63).

Must see video: (.wmv format) click here for Quicktime format.
  George W Bush, whose political career has been nearly fully funded by the energy and defense industries was appointed by the Supreme Court after the disputed election of 2000. Immediately he appointed signatories of PNAC documents to the top levels of the Whitehouse and Pentagon.
  It has now been proven that once Bush had all of his top levels filled by the PNAC, that our guard against terrorist attacks was let down.   PNAC explained in more simple terms featuring a great song by Sputnik Weazel
     Richard Clarke, whose position as terrorism czar was promoted to a cabinet level position under Clinton, was subsequently demoted from the cabinet and reassigned by Bush to other projects. Dick Cheney himself, has said that Clarke was kept “out of the loop”.  
    Paul O’Neil, former Secretary of Treasury, has stated that the Bush administration did not treat Al-qaeda as an imminent threat.  
The Bush administration ignored and denied the existence of a presidential briefing entitled “Bin Laden determined to attack inside the United Sates” until it was revealed to the public.  Testifying before the 9-11 commission, Rice referred to this as an "historical document'. We were led to believe that this was the only warning. It has since come out to the public, that she was lying. Lying 52 times  over. It has now been learned that Condi didn't disclose that they had, in fact, received 52 warnings  in the months leading up to September 11th.
The Bush administration needed a “new Pearl Harbor” to implement the PNAC agenda and they let down their guard until it occurred.

The Aftermath

  Knowing what we know today, the invasion of Iraq was based on falsehoods and was an unnecessary and dangerous diversion from the effort to reduce terrorist attacks on the United States. Muslim anger at the United States is at an all time high. Iraq posed no threat to us and the process of containment was working. Most importantly, Iraq is in chaos, on the brink of civil war, and now a breeding ground for a hundred new Bin Ladens.

You've come a long way, baby. A PNAC timeline
Click here to print out a free one page (front and back) educational pamphlet about the PNAC (.pdf format)

 The PNAC members of our government told us that it would be “a cake walk”. That we would be greeted as “liberators”. That we’d see parades in the streets.  Terribly undermanned, our military is in the middle of a quagmire where only the best case scenario was planned for.

  The museums, the hospitals, the munitions depots, the nuclear facilities were left unprotected at the onset of the invasion. The ministry of oil was securely guarded.

  Who has benefited from all of this at the expense of over a thousand US soldiers lives and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian lives? The very arms and energy industries that funded the PNAC:

· Halliburton, once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney

· Bechtel, once headed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

· Trireme, a defense company started by Deputy Secretary of Defense, Richard Perle shortly before the invasion

And finally, one last question:

  Where did the first oil tanker to leave Iraq after the invasion go?

Answer: Texas



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'Rebuilding America's Defenses' And The Project For The New American Century:
Its pages have been compared to Hitler's Mein Kampf in that they outline an aggressive military plan for U.S. world domination during the coming century.

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The Project for the New American Century: Insights into a Think Tank’s Influence on the Bush Administration’s Foreign Policy  Gregory Queyranne 

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