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National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive makes Bush dictator in event of a terrorist attack or disaster
Former Reagan official says "something's in the works" to trigger a police state (Held over)
False flag reminders from the POAC forum
Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us: Secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war, Britain will be 'Siberian' in less than 20 years, threat to the world is greater than terrorism
Must see: What happens at Facebook.com does not stay at Facebook.com
Dateline 2002: "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq..."


Jason Miller

Jason Miller is a wage slave of the American Empire who has freed himself intellectually and spiritually. He writes prolifically and his essays have appeared widely on the Internet. He welcomes constructive correspondence at [email protected] or via his blog, Thomas Paine's Corner, at http://civillibertarian .blogspot.com/.

From Lawn-Boys to B-2’s: America’s penchant for mowing ‘em down Mike Palecek interviewed by Jason Miller 3-14

Mother Bush would be proud to call this one her own: Of Shameless Devotion to Wealth, Privilege, and Empire By Jason Miller

A Pox upon Mr. Armstrong’s Wonderful World: Of Illusory Democracies, Rogue States, and Accelerating Humanity’s Demise Jason Miller 2-11

Truth is Speaking….Is Power Listening? Carolyn Baker interviewed by Jason Miller 1-24

Man fuel: Is it in you? “Of Savage Imperialism, Pigskin Monopolists, and Intellectual Emasculation” Jason Miller 1-11

And the Empire Mourned… Dissecting the Big Lie Jason Miller 12-30

Shouting Truth to Depraved Power (and Its Unwitting Accomplices): Stephen Lendman Sounds Off Jason Miller 12-27

Call me Ebenezer, but Christmas as we know it needs to go… Jason Miller 12-18

Blind Obedience to the Canons of Capitalism: Of Sick Societies, American Dalits, and a Nation of Lady Macbeths Jason Miller 11-26

To the Victors Belongs Impunity: Of Incorrigible Transgressors, Tacit Complicity, and Lady Justice’s Conspicuous Absence Jason MIller 11-18

Hell Awaits, America: Mass Manipulation, Blissful Psychosis, and 7 Easy Ways to Achieve Damnation Jason Miller 10-31

Corrode Your Conformity: Big Brother Doesn’t Practice Fraternal Love Jason Miller 10-26

Spiritual Felo De Se: Fealty to a Moral Abomination Jason Miller 10-22

Piercing the Simulacrum: Of Faux Democracy, Petty Tyrants, and Painful Realities Jason Miller 10-11

America’s Collective Delusion Must Endure: Domestic Genocide of an Economic Nature 10-11

I Pledge Allegiance to the Corporation: Fascism the American Way  9-28 

Herbert Spencer’s Evolved Capitalists: “Proclaiming Death to the Weakling, Wealth to the Strong”  9-22-06

Loving Labor’s Losses: Whoredom is optional 9-16-06

Let Them Eat Candy: Of War Criminals, Enablers, and the Decreasing Significance of We the People  9-12

Inalienable Human Rights are not Privileges: ACLU Sets the Standard in Struggle for “Liberty and Justice for All”  9-6-06

It’s the American Way or the Highway: Your Extinction Will Quell Your Moral and Intellectual Confusion  9-2-06

A Little Poverty Never Hurt Anybody: Ruthless Exploiters, Inc.  8-26-06

Why Do We Hate Them? Fear and Loathing in the Occident  8-17-06

Can You Say Hidden Agenda? The Discovery Institute's True Raison d’être and Why We Need to Be Deeply Concerned  8-9

Pornification is a Disease and We Have an Advanced Case:   Obscenity Yields Obscene Profits and Capitalists Can’t Resist  8-9

Betrayal of the Empire or Fealty to Humanity? Confessions and Reflections of a Recovering White Middle Class Hegemon 8-2-06

The Rendition of Christ: Winning the Battle for their Souls  7-10

Ravening Wolves in Sheep's Clothing 7-2

Exceptional Americans Manifest Their Destiny: And to Hell with the Consequences  6-26

Bon Appétit, America: Satiating a Gnawing Hunger for Vengeance  6-13

Slaves to the "Free Market" Unite: Can Humanity Make a Stand Against the Ruthless Onslaught of Capitalist Imperialism?  

American Capitalism and The Moral Poverty of Nations: Of Faustian Bargains and Disposable Human Beings

White and Might Make Right:   Morality is in the Eye of the Oppressor 

Have a Koch and a Smile:   Free Markets and Property Rights Trump Humanity and the Environment!

Forget the Middle East: North America Harbors the World's Most Dangerous Terrorists 4-19

America’s "Noble" Cause: Preserving its Right to Murder, Exploit, Torture, and Impoverish with Impunity 4-12

Your Huddled Masses are now my Wretched Refuse: Locking the Golden Door

Democratizing the World: One Torture Victim at a Time 4-1

Pink Slips Abound for Prosecutors and Therapists: Humanity Suffers the Savagery of the American Empire’s Post 9/11 Worldview 3-18

Satan is Resting Easy: The Power of Christ "Propels" Them 3-8

Miscreants, Murderers, and Malefactors: Imperial Conquest, Torture, and a Little Matter of Genocide 3-1

Check Your Conscience at the Door: We're Building an Empire 2-22

Shed Your Addiction: Beyond Mere Survival in the American Dystopia 2-12

"Evolution is Intelligently Designed: Social Darwinism, Silver Spoons, and Our Emperor’s Call to Arms to Sustain the Rich" 2-6

Why I Now Genuflect to Charles Krauthammer 1-27

How the West and the West Bank Were Won 1-16

On Father's Day, Send Your Cards to Tom Instead of George 1-3-06

"Closed Captioned for Those Whose Hearing (and Thinking) Has Been Impaired by the Drumbeats for War"  12-27-05

Privatize Me...Corporatize Me.... Blackwaterize Me...  12-17-05

The Iron Fist of Jesus

Hey Board Members, Leave our Kids Alone!

Ongoing Quest for the Many Manifestations of Bigfoot: Review and Commentary on Mike Palecek's Latest Novel

America's Corporatocracy Says "No MAS"

Our Mothers (and Thomas Paine) Warned Us about People like the Disciples of Strauss

Sweet Dreams for America's Ruling Elite and their Sycophantic Loyalists

Where is the Grand Inquisitor When You Need Him?

Surrender is not an Option

We Can’t Let It Happen Here

Viewing Terrorism through a Different Lens

Peaceful Assault on the Epicenter of Evil

Liar, Liar

New Orleans Unmasks “Apartheid, American Style”

Delusions Under Siege

What if America Found its Soul?

Redemption Within Reach for the American Empire

George Bush Knows Why They Hate Us

Forgotten Victims of America’s Plutocracy

Economic Injustice: America's New Leading Export

Murder in the Abstract is Still Iniquitous

Neocon Nightmare: Oil, Socialism, and Chutzpah in Venezuela

Tyrant Be Thy Name, Senator

Musings of an Intellectually Shell-Shocked Kansan

Barnum on Steroids

Liberating the "Liberal Media"

We Don't Need no Stinkin' Compassion

How the Mighty Are Falling

When Morpheus Comes

Onward Christian Soldier

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