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By Linda Gale Nolen

February 26, 2005
Today I revisited my article IMAGINE WAKING UP in 2004
which I wrote in January 2004 and was posted on many
websites including POAC:
http://www.oldamericancentury .org/lind000001.htm

As I re-read it this morning I was surprised and saddened that nearly all
of the listed changes in laws and policies over the past five years were
not only true then, but that even worse NEW LAWS and Government
Policies (read that as  POLICE STATE Policies) emerged well before the
year 2004 ended.

For only a few examples SEE:

A Blanket Secrecy Policy - Is This Really America?
http://www.oldamericancentury .org/lind000007.htm

Posted: March 14, 2004

DoD "Perception Management Campaign"
http://www.oldamericancentury .org/lind000012.htm

Posted: April, 2004

How to Win a War with FIVE ( 5 ) Bullets?
http://www.oldamericancentury .org/lind000002.htm

Posted: February, 2004

The Desensitized vs. The Shocked
http://www.oldamericancentury .org/lind000013.htm

Posted: May, 2004

Those posted articles are only a few that reflect the almost daily assault
on our freedoms as reported by newspapers, TV news and internet writers,
which prompted me to write them.

Because we have seen an entire year pass without solutions to any of those
NWO laws and policies, I felt it was time for a review of my 2004 message to
anyone now waking in 2005, who had not been AWAKE last year as well.

2005 cannot be a better year than 2004 unless more of us are willing to risk,
make that GIVE UP, our comfy little material possessions mindset, because
if we don't become part of the solution we will be responsible for ALL of the
problems, eventually.

As we are warned by the often quoted line:

And what will you do when they come for you?

None of us think that means us, literally. Nah, nothing that horrific could happen to us.
Maybe to the strangers in the next town, the next state or any foreign country. Never
in our neighborhood. Never in our America: THE LAND OF THE BRAVE, THE LAND OF
THE FREE. THE LAND of LADY LIBERTY welcoming everyone arriving in the New York
Harbor while "she" holds the plaque inscribed with "Give me your tired, your, etc.".

I'm surprised that her statue is even still out there and not relegated to the giant storage warehouses along with the Nativity Creches banned from public properties. Now don't write to me about separation of Church and State.

What Bush & Company have in mind is ONE RELIGION (his) in which all AMERICANS, natural born and naturalized, will be required to join, as paying-card-carrying-RFID Chip implanted-members, before being allowed to work or bank or shop or dine in restaurants, play golf, and any other former FREEDOM of our choice of activities and lifestyle, anywhere in the country.

Oh, you think I'm going into fantasyland with that suggestion? I wish I were. I hope
that on Jan. 1, 2006, if I am even alive then, I won't be adding to this list, but reality
and experience tells me it is A NEVER ENDING constantly growing LIST, as is the
Bush War on Terror a NEVER ENDING WAR.

Carpe Diem!  ...While you can!


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