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AMERICA: One Big Cabbage Patch

The Lucky Americans ? The Lucky Ones ?

Linda Gale Nolen
[email protected]

October 17, 2004

I have just finished reading a news article in The Cape Cod Times
about the hundreds who lined up for flu shots yesterday.

What is wrong with these people?

Did they not read the volumes of articles and even a few TV reports about the VACCINES for all purposes are KILLING people?
Did they not hear about the fact that there are NO "safe" vaccines at all?
Did they not hear or read statements by many doctors admitting this fact?

The remark made by one woman in line about the event reminding her of the Cabbage Patch Doll craze of the 1980's really says it all. This comparison reminded me of the old story about parents telling their children they came from under a cabbage patch rather than explaining exactly how they were conceived and born.

Then, I wondered aloud, how stupid ARE these people? Maybe they have indeed been living in a cabbage patch where they could not get the news at all. Therefore, when someone told them to rush out for their flu shot because the supply was limited, off they went and happily took their place in the long line.

Those who got there in time, before the supply ran out, and those who were even qualified, think they are The Lucky Ones. The writer of the article even dubbed them The Lucky Americans. Well, maybe they are. Maybe the vaccine will kill them faster than the other poisons this government has showered upon us.

Another article in today's news told of one woman waiting in another
line in another state, who collapsed and died before she could get her Lucky Flu Shot. Maybe I'm stretching my point a bit, but I still connect even just being in line for the vaccine with the vaccine as being a death sentence.

�Those turned away were disappointed and frustrated….�

So, those Unlucky ones had no choice but to trek back to their cabbage patch to huddle and wait to die, while thinking IF ONLY they were one
of the LUCKY ones who got the vaccine, they would live longer.
Yesterday, because all of the Cape clinics closed and “unless new supplies arrive�, it was the Last Chance for hundreds of people to be added to the classification of The Lucky Ones, The Lucky Americans.


I am one of the Unlucky ones by choice. I have never had a Flu shot.
I never took my children for them either and to my knowledge they never
got them as adults either. I will never have one, willingly. However, with the government making new laws for health care and everything else now, I don’t rule out a day may come when I am visited and carried, while kicking, clawing, jabbing, punching and screaming to a clinic for
MY LUCKY SHOT. So, they better bring some very strong hired hands because this old lady will never go quietly into any government facility.



My heart aches for these Lucky Ones. My heart aches more for the babies and youngsters who have no say about who sticks needles into their young bodies. The parents are not deliberately, knowingly, trying to kill their children. They just blindly believe the lie about the vaccine being “safe� now. They heard or read the lie that THIS vaccine is NOT the BAD one
made by the BAD company.



In fairness to the Lucky Ones, I will say that all humans want to believe
and keep hope for health and longevity. The government knows this. All
governments in this world know this. And they use that knowledge to hold
control over the population. They do this with any agenda by promising
what they know the people WANT, and what the people HOPE for.


Those promises of course are never kept and like the carrot on the stick
dangling in front of the donkey….they keep us moving in the direction they want us to go, albeit always to our detriment. And we know that many of us have died without realizing we’d been led to the slaughter.

I write today hoping that some of you will think again before getting
into line for anything the government tells us is GOOD for us. Trust your own instincts. We all have good instincts. Ignore them at your peril or your loved ones peril. I wish I were wrong about this. I’m so sorry that it’s too far into the Flu shot frenzy to help those thousands if not millions who are already members of The Lucky Ones.


Save a life today; your own and anyone you care about. Don’t take my
word for it. READ the volumes written about vaccines and the numbers
of DEAD lucky ones. Do the research! It’s easy. The internet is loaded
with articles about vaccines and man made drugs that have and still are
killing people who, had they not taken them, would be alive today.
Your local libraries are also a good resource for information about
probably more than you want to know about man made medicines.

Knowledge brings power. It is the government’s knowledge of us and our
weaknesses and hopes and dreams that have given them the total control
over us and our country today. It is long past time when we need to be
among the TRULY LUCKY AMERICANS. After November 2nd, we will
see whose luck has run out…..theirs or ours.



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