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Who Counts Them?
By Linda Gale Nolen
[email protected]
Explosion Kills 7 (civilians) at U.S. Firm in Kabul http://apnews.excite.com/article/20040829/D84P1PV80.html
After reading the article above I wondered:
Who counts THEM?
The Penatgon "claims" to Count ALL dead U.S. Soldiers. Some of us know this is a lie.
The American civilians working and living in Afghanistan and Iraq have also been killed since the U.S. & Coalition invasions.
Who counts THEM?
Who counts civilian Afghans and Iraqis and civilians from the Coalition countries now dead? We have heard many reports of children's deaths in both countries.
Who counts THEM?
We know of many RED CROSS workers, doctors and nurses from many countries who were in and still are in both Iraq & Afghanistan. Also, we know there are many other humanitarian organizations' workers, from many countries that sent people there to SAVE lives. How many of those good samaritans are now DEAD?
Who counts THEM?
Seems to me, too many Americans believe THE PENTAGON COUNT. That would be sad enough, but I also have some evidence that some Americans never think about the many dead civilians (from any country) who died OVER THERE. Well, of course, unless the dead were people they knew and loved, or just cared about.
Nor, it seems, do they think about The U.S. soldiers & civilians who make it back to USA alive, but some wounded die soon afterward. And, some who are and some who are not physically wounded commit suicide when they get home.
Who Counts THEM?
And let us not forget FRIENDLY FIRE. That catchy phrase that some idiot came up with that most Americans had not heard about until the Vietnam War.
Who counts THEM?
I've already addressed in a previous article, the body count of the many Journalists who died trying to get the truth of the war to us. We know that they continue to die as I write this. I do know that someone IS keeping count of them. I just haven't come across additions to the list I found earlier this year. But, daily and weekly new names of more dead journalists appear in news articles, so we know they are still being killed.
And they have been targeted openly for the past few months by the US MILITARY. Yup, I read about it in a mainstream-government-owned newspaper, folks. They were given FAIR WARNING that they will be shot if they appear filming anyplace the US Military/US Government does not want them filming.
What happened to "embedded" journalists? They are gone, too. The few TV reporters who are allowed into Iraq to film anything are reporting only what the US Government/US Military pre-approves. It gives a new meaning to NEWS AT ELEVEN. NEWS is now brought to you courtesy of the NWO. And, you will believe it. Or, if you don't believe it, you better keep your opinions to yourself or your loved ones will read your obituary soon. And it may read "disappeared" or sudden heart attack or mysterious illness or accidental plane crashor unexpected suicide.
And, then who counts YOU?
How about the families and friends of those sacrificed loved ones? How many of those have died from stress, and heart attacks they otherwise would not have had without the grief over their dead and or wounded loved ones?
Think about it. It is important.
Unless we unseat the madmen ruling our country very soon the body counts will continuing to rise regardless of which Body Count you believe or whether or not you believe any "counts".
Americans living in America are dying from more kinds of "poisons" than anytime in history. These man-made "poisons" may be dwarfing the Body Counts more than any other "epidemic" in recorded history. For that matter, citizens of MANY countries are falling victim to the same kind of death-by-innoculations and other "man-made" poisons. We already know they are in our prescription drugs, our air, water, ground, foods and beverages we drink daily.
Who counts THEM?
So many lies are told right here in the good old "US of A" about the actual "causes" of so many of our citizens deaths, thanks to doctors nurses, nurses' aides, lab technicians and hospital administrators covering their beehinds, that we will never know the TRUE count or the actual causes of their deaths.
Who counts THEM?
My question, "Who counts THEM?" is rhetorical.
I know the answer.
I hope you do, too.

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