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Government Secrecy on Cape Cod


This morning we, on Cape Cod, are reminded that the Federal
Government’s Blanket Secrecy Policy has seeped into our little
island on the local, county and state level.



Barnstable Superior Court Judge David A. McLaughlin ruled
last December that Sheriff
James Cummings was not legally
required to release the names of his appointed reserve deputies,
saying the records are private.


This news brought to mind the article I wrote months ago when seeing
the news of our Federal Courts having A Blanket Secrecy Policy.

“A BLANKET SECRECY POLICY: Is This Really America??

Within my article I asked two questions:

Dear fellow citizens, do you know what this policy means?
Do you think it won't reach into your little corner of the world?

Well folks, now I can report to you that the policy has reached my little corner
of the world. Actually, I’m sure it reached us a long time ago, and we are only
being given snippets, over
time, about the various kinds of Blanket Secrecy
Policies that have been enacted into law; most of which, most of us are still

Several months ago, another article in our daily newspaper told us that our
ELECTED Sheriffs had begun taking orders from Appointed Federal Marshalls
installed in our Sheriffs’ offices. This caused a small ripple, but I have not seen
news since then about the effects on citizens of this outrageous law enforcement

Now, today we learn that the Sheriff’s office refuses to make public the names
of 210 reserve deputy sheriffs and the article reports the upsetting fact that one
of these secret reserve deputies has been dismissed for criminal activities. Does
this not make us wonder if he was the only one breaking the law? How are we
to know if other secret-reserve-deputies were also, and are even now, breaking

So, fellow citizens, now I ask you, when you are approached by a reserve
Deputy Sheriff, whose badge you are expected to notice is smaller than the
real sheriff’s, will you wonder at all about the legality of his/her actions
concerning you? I am also wondering, since the article made no mention of it,
if these 210 reserve-secret-nameless deputies will be wearing uniforms when
they are on duty, and will they allow us to know their names while they are
interacting with us in their official capacity?





My final thought on this topic reminds me that if it can happen here, it can

happen anywhere, to paraphrase an old saying. And yes, I do know that this
problem, along with so many others regarding our New World Order changes
is, in fact, happening thoughout our country.

Have they reached your Little Corner of the World yet?


Stay tuned....


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