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The Desensitized vs. The Shocked

by Linda Gale Nolen


"Even Saddam didn't do this."
--Mohammed Ahmed,
outside Abu Ghraib's main gate,
trying to visit his brother,

Well ladies and gentlemen,
if this Iraqi man's declaration doesn't hit you in the gut
you can count yourselves as among THE DESENSITIZED.

If it shocks and sickens you, then you really need to open your eyes and ears!
It also wouldn't hurt to read beyond your Govern
ment approved newspapers
and magazines. Also, beyond the Government's Corporate pals bringing you
radio and TV's fair and balanced bullshit. Sorry if my vulgarity offends you.
But, I also know it is only offensive to THE SHOCKED group, anyway.

I'm just an average U.S. citizen and if I can comprehend what this man's
statement says about our good old US of A government and military, why is it
that wiser men than I are not doing anything about it?
Well, let me clarify that
with wiser and decent human beings!

What is keeping them silent? Oh, no, you say, they are speaking out! Yes, some are,
but who is listening to them? And of those who are listening who is taking actions to
solve the problems? Are we to be surprised by a sudden emergence of these good
patriots who have been steadily working in the underground freedom fighters methods?

No, that's too much to hope for now. I'm not going to regurgitate the latest disgusting
revelations about Iraq or the insane babblings of Bush because if you haven't heard
about them you are probably not going to finish reading this article either.

So I say to my fellow patriots, how much more desensitization do you think we'll need
before we have mass cannibalism right here in our land of the free? Frankly, I am
neither desensitized nor shocked by the deterioration of our country. And I expect that
anyone with an interest in history saw it coming as well.

What we are facing in this country very soon is not new. It is only new to Americans
who have lived their lives sheltered from harsh realities that have always existed in
countries around the world. The greatest Empires all rose and they all fell. And, the
various reasons for both were also not new. We live in a reality that was set in motion
as cycles. Until the day the cycles stop, we will go on repeating the past. Oh, the names
and the faces and the labels will be different, but the basic plot will always be the same.

So I leave you with this thought.
When a liberated countryman says that their vile former dictator did not do such atrocious
things to the citizens as the Americans are doing to them, you really need to ask yourself
"what is wrong with this picture?"


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