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FALLUJAH - America's Waterloo

With each new shock and awe event during our first few years
of the 21st Century, my thoughts always turn back to historical
events. I think about the how and the why of the rise and fall of
every Empire which were so similar in the reasons for both.
Many writers have been using Vietnam as a comparison to our
quagmire in Iraq. Others point out the differences between the

My memory went much farther back in time. I use Waterloo for
the purpose of comparison not of events in Iraq but of choices
that people made throughout history. And why those choices
brought us to the dire straits, in which, we find ourselves today.

Recently, and continuing today, we are bombarded with news
and opinions of the atrocity on-going in Fallujah. Many learned
men and women have already written articles stating facts and
opinions and possible future outcomes due to the slaughter of
the innocents and the leveling of that city.

To what purpose can these actions be justified?

None, by anyone with a conscience. But, then the rulers of America
either don’t have consciences or have succeeded in turning the
volume down or off. They surely don’t hear them and they refuse to
hear anyone else’s who are listening to theirs.

Fallujah is not just a Waterloo for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,
Ashcroft, Rove, Rice and the others running our country into
the dark ages. No, it’s actually a Waterloo for all Americans.
It’s also a Waterloo for all of those leaders and those citizens
of the countries who are aligned with The Bush Pirates.

And, by the way, we all keep saying "Bush" when we know he
is not even involved in planning anything. He is merely the
ventriloquists "Dummy", (as the wooden puppet propped upon
the ventroloquits' laps used to be called) capable only of the
movements which the ventriloquists' controlled.

Oh, in reality, we hear the Bush voice,
see the Bush facia l expressions,
the body moving and often the body twisting,
revealing his total confusion as he waits for the words he needs,
sometimes delayed coming into his ear from his 'ventrioloquist'.

And, yes, they do allow him to babble his own disjointed
thoughts, and then scramble to mop up the mess he causes
with his oral diarreah.

I realize that some of you reading this may not be familiar with
Napoleon’s Waterloo. Perhaps you would benefit by looking at
that historical account now. Especially, now, since there is no
doubt we too have arrived in Waterloo.

The internet is chockfull of information about the mega maze of
our dilemma and many suggestions for ways to get out of it.
However, electing anyone who is in the political arena now is not
going to lead to the way out.

We have arrived in Waterloo.
How can we avoid what Napoleon did not?
Why was it that he went so far
when he was also warned it was a bad idea?

Historically, and sadly, we have always been a species who kill
the messengers. This is still happening today. As the wise man
who wro te Ecclesiastes told us, “there is nothing new under the
sun”. This knowledge ought to be an asset and a pivotal one for
ending the cycle of repeating mistakes clearly recorded for us in
hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of books and articles
published throughout recorded history.

If we look the other way now, we cannot break the cycle.
Do you know what that will mean for us in America and those
around the world? If you have to ask what it will mean, you also
wouldn’t understand the answer, never mind believe it. If you
do understand it, then you know that as bad as our situation is
today, all it takes is the will of the people who want to break that
cycle to choose to never give up the effort. It can be done, but
we are in an uphill struggle.

The struggle is not with a far off enemy. It is the enemy within our
own country. It is also the fear, and the doubts plaguing even those
of us who kno w we’ve been and continue to be lied to and manipulated
by the criminals who hijacked our country.

The other day, in mainstream news, it was reported that John Kerry
is wooing the 18 to 24 year olds. Tell me, how many 18 to 24 year
olds ever even heard of “WATERLOO”?

Here's an idea for you.
Go out onto your local area streets and ask 18 to 24 year olds
"What was Waterloo?"
Ask 18 to 24 year olds about any events during their lifetime that didn’t
relate to or have an effect on their daily lives. Of course I know there
are students knowledgeable of history among this age group, but I also
know they are a minority within that age group.

So what better supporters for Kerry, or Bush too, than the young who
have never read about ancient history, modern history, or history in the
making now. Just so we don’t blame it all on the young, we also know
the closed minded, the uninformed and the ea sily manipulated are found
in every age group.

And therein lies the problem.

Combining the young uninformed, the older uninformed, the closed
minded, and easily manipulated, we have a very large portion of
citizens who will never think breaking the cycle is even necessary.
Certainly, they cannot comprehend that it can even be done.

There will always be a Waterloo until we choose to stop the cycle.


~Life is a sum of all your choices.~

Linda Gale Nolen
[email protected]


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