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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

This morning there is news about yet another US soldier, who has
been there done that and has had enough of fighting and seeing
death and devastation for OIL, and for more money in their leaders’
coffers and for the Bushboys’ maniacal pursuit to rule the world.

Oh, I know, that sounds a bit exaggerated to say rule the world.
But, think about it. One country today, another tomorrow and on it
goes…if we don’t stop them now. Actually, today they are already
spreading our military dangerously thin in several countries, in the
name of keeping the peace. Think Haiti most recently. And watch
what will happen to Jamaica for taking in Aristide.

For those of you who may have vacation plans, destination Jamaica,
you might want to think about making some changes in your travel
plans. Say, an island with less political controversy at this time?
I only suggest, you decide.

I don’t know about you, but for the past two years I have read about
many other U.S. soldiers refusing to go back to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do you know how many of our men and women in the U.S. Military
have died
from the vaccines,
from the various poisons like DU,
from the deplorable living conditions
from lack of life saving flak jackets,
from not enough bullets for their weapons
from lack of nutritional food, daily
from enemy fire
from friendly fire

and, from other shameful ways I don’t even know about yet?

But the very worst is the tragic choice many have made to end
their own lives rather than endure one more moment of the
horror going on all around them 24/7.

"Wake Up America"
has been printed and shouted countless times. Is anyone getting
the message yet? Yes, some are, I know. But, not all who need
to face the truth seem to be ready or capable.

And while these Americans, who cannot or refuse to see the truth,
everyday another US soldier dies or is maimed or goes insane or
chooses suicide.

Today, I feel I’m writing “The Last Call?. Time is running out for us.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I have a feeling it must be our own military
who saves us! Bush & Co. have betrayed and abused them and it
does seem many of our patriotic soldiers are beginning to say they
have had ENOUGH .

Historically, the revolutions often have come from the country’s own
military who realize their civilian leaders are power mad and often
even certifiably insane and the mutiny becomes The Revolution.
We can only hope our fate won’t be something worse.
What’s worse, you may ask?
Worse is more of what we’ve had.
Worse than that is sure to come
if we don’t unseat the madmen at the helm ASAP!


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