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Why Did Bush Lie us into Iraq?

During the last democratic debate the moderators asked both Sharpton and Kucinich, the two most outspoken liberals on the panel, "If the Bush administration did in fact lie about the reasons for war, why did they?" Neither of them pointed out how the Bush administration hierarchy, and the companies that they represent, are making billions from this illegal war. With the 9-11 Commission finding no link between Iraq and 9-11 and with the search for WMDs proving that Iraq was not only NOT a threat, but completely defenseless, we now have to ask ourselves if there could have been some other motivation.   At the bottom of this article I have included a few links to articles and video files on this topic.

Carlyle Group, the "ex-presidents club"

 is a $14 billion private investment house with major holdings in the defense industry. The Carlyle Group stands to make huge profits from the war in Iraq. Sometimes called the Ex-Presidents’ Club, the Carlyle Group’s employees include George Bush, Sr., former Secretary of State and current Bush envoy to Iraq  James Baker, and former Secretary of Defense and Deputy Director of the CIA, Frank Carlucci. Former British Prime Minister John Major heads up CG’s European operations. Even current president George W. Bush served on the board of a Carlyle company from 1990 – 1992.
Donald Rumsfeld, former president of Bechtel:

Was handed $1.8 billion to rebuild Iraqi schools and infrastructure and failed miserably
Reported  as Threat to Iraqi Environment, Human Rights and Basic Services
shown as involved in the Iraqi chemical weapons program.
You may recall this former employee of Bechtel shaking a certain someone's hand
Dick Cheney's  former company, Halliburton:
 admits to $2.4 million Nigerian bribe scandal later turns out to be 180 million
to repay US 6.3 million dollars after kickback allegations 
to repay the US government 27.4 million dollars for overcharging US army for meals
overcharged the government by $61m  for delivering petrol to Iraq. overcharged the government by $61m  for delivering petrol to Iraq. The audit also found that a Halliburton subsidiary had charged $67m too much for building army canteens in Iraq
rumsfeld.jpeg (20232 bytes) Rumsfeld Denies 'False Pretext' for Iraq War     but...
wolfowitz.jpeg (5827 bytes) Wolfowitz now says Iraq war was so we could  get our troops out of Saudi Arabia
tony_blair_pa_150.jpeg (6758 bytes) Blair Denies Britain Distorted Reports on Iraqi Weapons     but...
"The American people were manipulated,"  Says Defense Intelligence Agent 
Colin Powell upon reading what he had to present to the UN to justify war: "This is B*LL SH*T ."
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The Bush Administration's Top 40 Lies About War and Terrorism
THE WINDFALLS OF WAR   Someone's getting rich of this war and it isn't you or me
STUDY says firms used insider ties to win contracts  Houston Chronicle, TX
IRAQ war windfall for US companies  Mail & Guardian
BIG Iraqi Contracts Went To Big GOP Donors  CBS News
GENEROUS New Tax Break For Bechtel and Halliburton  Democracy Now
Bush Documents Supporting Iraq Attack Do Not Exist Village Voice
Related viewing:
Video:Exposed: The Carlyle Group How The The Military-Industrial Complex Has Subverted Americas Democracy The first few minutes are in Dutch. 
Remember these?

The claim that Saddam Hussein had issued chemical weapons to front- line troops who would use them when US forces crossed into Iraq—no such weapons were used and none were found when the Iraqi military collapsed under the weight of the US assault.

The claim that Iraq had massive stockpiles of chemical and biological agents, including nerve gas, anthrax and botulinum toxin— nothing has been found, despite searches at hundreds of sites targeted before the war by US intelligence reports.
Iraq was six months away from developing a nuclear weapon. The claim that thousands of aluminum tubes imported by Iraq could be used in centrifuges to create enriched uranium—debunked by the International Atomic Energy Agency as well as by American nuclear scientists.
The claim that Iraq had up to 20 long-range Scud missiles, prohibited under UN sanctions—no such rockets have been found, nor were any fired during the military conflict.
Powell claimed he had proof positive Iraq was linked to al-Qaida through Ansar al-Islam, a small, 600-man Islamist group in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq (not under Saddam's control), and through a "deadly terrorist network" led by one Abu Musa al-Zarqawi. (The first charge was immediately dismissed by Ansar's leader, Mullah Krekar, a longtime, bitter foe of Saddam. Many reputable experts on terrorism scoffed at Powell's overblown charges.)
Satellite imagery - ammo storage bunkers which Powell claimed were used for chemical weapons that were moved out prior to inspection. (UN inspectors examined them and found nothing suspicious. "Sniffers" used by inspectors can detect the past presence of chemical and biological weapons.)
"Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas. We're concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVS for missions targeting the United States."
The infamous mobile biological weapons labs mounted on trucks - a.k.a. "Saddam's vans of death." Powell claimed defectors reported there were 18 of these cruising around Iraq. (Defector information is always suspect.) UN chief arms inspector Hans Blix said his men had examined some of the "death trucks" and found they were, in fact, mobile food-testing labs.)

For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction (as justification for invading Iraq) because it was the one reason everyone could agree on. Paul Wolfowitz Vanity Fair interview May 28, 2003

They may have had time to destroy them, and I don't know the answer. Donald Rumsfeld Remarks to Council on Foreign Relations May 27, 2003

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