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Full Version: Not Mr. Tapper anymore
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Gonzo Rad
Ok, I got my husband signed up under this name....I'll let him give ya the info he wants when he gets home.
QUOTE(Gonzo Rad @ Monday, 20 March 2006, 9:07 am) [snapback]48667[/snapback]

Ok, I got my husband signed up uner this name....I'll let him give ya the info he wants when he gets home.

Welcome hubby!
Uncle Duke!! C'mon in.
Welcome aboard.

Allow me to present to you your POAC newbie kit:

Flak Jacket
IPB Image

IPB Image

Flamethrower (for those freepers)
IPB Image

Riot Shield
IPB Image

And to ensure that nothing ever burns while participating, good old Vaseline
IPB Image

Now, play nice and enjoy yourself!
Gonzo Rad
I'm a 57 yr. old, college educated (living proof that a little knowledge CAN be hazardous to your
well-being !), truck driver. I've done a wee bit of traveling (every state but Hawaii ), lived on the
Left Coast and Pacific northwest for a while (Haight-Asbury, points north and south, though was a
member at one time of an organization espousing segmenting California at Santa Barbara and
seceding from the Union-- didn't work out too well.....)
Calling me a liberal could be hazardous to your psyche. I'm the closest thing this side of Pete
Seeger and Gus Hall, that you will ever meet to a card-carrying RADICAL. It seems as I get older, I have
less tolerance for ignorance and out-right stupidity. You need not share my views. I could care less...
We can still have a philosophical discussion coming from different ends of the spectrum. I'm sure we can
find some common ground somewhere, as I adhere to no party-line. I was actively involved in radical
politics at one time, but that was long ago far away in another galaxy. However, if you are ever serious
about taking it to the streets, call me, I'm in. Serious inquiries only need apply........ besides I now own my first real kevlar vest. I think I look pretty handsome in the damn thing too... Kinda reminds me of pictures
I've seen of Alexander the Great.... Thanks Scorp...
sky of mind
Welcome to the Forum Mr Gonzo (take no prisoners) Rad!
Feel free to add your passion to the play we call the White Rose Forum!

You are most welcome and come highly recommended!
Dear Mr Gonzo Rad,
Welcome aboard! Wow, you been there done that, so this anti-war biz is nuthin new to you (unfortunately). Thought we wised up back in '73, oh well, the elite went more underground than the hippies before they came back (who woulda thunk, huh huh.gif ) We've heard all about you from someone you know (wink, wink) wink.gif . Only good things! tongue.gif
Scorp's post cracked us up beyond belief...have flak vest & vaseline, will travel...buwhahaha
Glad you liked it.
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