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Greetings fellow cyberspace travelers it's nice we have realms beyond the fantasy media to gather. My background is international economics and finance. I spent almost three decades designing information and intelligence networks for the Beltway Bandits in the Federal world and the Gangster Banksters in the Fed world. The origins of the fedup handle; too much of the same game with the same names in FEDS and FEDS.

About seven years ago I defected to help raise VC funds for alternate causes. I am an expert in the area of genetically modified foods from the science to the spin, legislation, loopholes and front organizations. I spend a lot of time feeding alternate news sources and posting to sites like friendster. Tracking through balance sheets is a part time obsession.

I also supply regular news links at a site called italknews which is a mix of users. While common cause sites are wonderful for getting support the key to opening the red minds is getting them to see there are news topics beyond Fox.

Since my forte is networking, I try to unite small organizations with common causes to help eliminate duplicate efforts and expand the membership. Some of that is grass roots stuff here in NYC.

Of all the causes and organizations the folks nearest and dearest to my heart are the organic consumers who've been fighting the biotech coup de Frankenfood the longest and they're at

Now that mad cow has made headlines again, long overdue based on the shoddy testing and the real rates, anyone who eats might want to go check and see what's really happening. It's a case of national reflux we have and it's rooted in toxic food policy. More than you want to know and hardly the tip of the iceburg.
Welcome! Sounds like you will have useful input! Looking forward to reading you.
Welcome, welcome, welcome. Your expertise in gm foods will be much appreciated by myself. As well as finding a fellow news hound. smile.gif Glad that you have joined us. I hope to learn much from you.
Welcome to the POAC rats. We store all the good stuff on BushCo.

Oh yeah, I am intrested in GM foods aswell.
sky of mind
Welcome to the

IPB Image

Well I know I what is going at the top of my list next order.
QUOTE(MasterMind @ Tuesday, 14 March 2006, 10:37 am) [snapback]47473[/snapback]

Well I know I what is going at the top of my list next order.

Just let me know, it's not in the store.
Welcome aboard.

Keep your head down!
As an old guy striving for immortality I'll look foreward to learning from you. Hope I have better luck than I did with immorality. Welcome.
Welcome fedup! Very glad you took the invitation! Hope we don't keep you from your projects, especially Political Friendster where I met you, but I'm sure all of us want to pick your brains for more info!

Again, Welcome Aboard smile.gif

PS On the food angle, I shop at Whole Foods Market occasionally ... what do you think of them?
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