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Full Version: Hi , I'm yankhadenuf
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What a way to break the ice, huh? I tell my gender right away because I have posted at other sites for weeks and people thought I was a guy because of my userID. OK, I'm really a 47 year old Mom . I'm so glad to be here as I have been prowling for several months. I post everywhere and finally decided to look up POAC forums and post. There is so much insightful information on this site , that I have been reading it for a long time before I realized I could post here too. redface.gif
This site is great and I hope it becomes very popular because it very well may save the world!
sky of mind
Hey! I like girls!

Welcome to the Forum Lady!

Hi yankhadenuf! smile.gif
user posted image
I remember having once been in a situation when I wished someone had broken the ice that way. Changing some points of view would be good, changing the world would be great, welcome.
Hi Yank, from a 35 yo mom! Welcome! smile.gif
Welcome, I'm sure you will find you love it here. I certainly do!!

Salutations and well greetings!

I am the resident village idiot so dont mind me.
"I am the resident village idiot so dont mind me. "

There's a vacancy in Crawford, TX for this kind of work.
Radical Liberal
Welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy your stay!
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