I'm surprised at all of you!
I've been following this for at least a week.
In the Democratic corner for president in the primaries, you've got a woman who was as sold out to special interests as her husband was, (Leonard Peltier, case in point!), You've got a guy that has no experience that's making a lot of noise because of civil rights anniversaries, (all worth mentioning, but, really, after the bungling of this administration, do you really want an unexperienced - yet well meaning - man being thrown to the wolves?), and a man that's jumped into the standings out of sympathy for his wife's battle with cancer? Don't get me wrong, if there's no noise being made for Kuccinich after this, I'll vote edwards, but his sincerity leaves a little to be desired.

I just want everyone that's reading this to know that today, Dennis Kuccinich (D - Ohio) introduced HR 333 - The foundation for the impeachment of DICK Cheney. The text is as follows in the link through Information Clearing House: http://kucinich.house.gov/SpotlightIssues/documents.htm (cut & paste)

Al gore was a human pencil holder (not even an ashtray for Clinton's Cigars) during the previous admin. His wife is adamantly against free speech. If he had gained office, we'd have never been allowed to hear greenday's "American Idiot", and Rage Against the Machine would have been puled from the shelves. Considering the hel the American Voter has been put through to this point, we need the ability to access a mass media public forum for dissent. Tipper is not the answer. Gore is electable, yes, but the answer is public service with conscience - The only progressive is Kuccinich. I urge you all to get in touch with whomever you can, including, most importantly, your elected officials. Let them know that you support HR333 and that you will not allow Darth Cheney's reign of terror continue. Write, email, call, write op-ed's and letters to the editor and remember who drafted the impeachment in the first place: Dennis Kuccinich - the last and brightest hope for american voters. www.kuccinich.us - contribute to the campaign, or the MSM will kill him.