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Captain Liberty
Yes I'm new to this forum. I joined last night. I figured it would be a excellent idea to introduce myself before I made too many posts, and everyone scratched their heads wondering "who's he?". I found your forum surfing the internet looking for , what else, forums. I post to another forum and wanted to try a new one. Before I get too far I should explain about myself.
I'm a lifelong Libertarian. Even in high school (back in the '70s) I realized the government was way out of whack and that most laws overrode the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This purposeful subversion of these documents had me very concerned. I still am. I am a very firm supporter of civil liberties. There should be no drug laws, or laws regulating alcohol and smoking. The patriot Act and its ilk should be repealed. I'm also no big fan of Democracies where the majority get to vote away the freedoms and rights of the minority. Economic freedom is as important as civil liberties. I shouldn't need to get "Big Brothers" permission to go into a chosen occupation or to start a business (licensing). There shouldn't be the cornucopia of agencies that pass unconstitutional regulations. Only congress, the legislature or some other elected body can pass laws. It is unconstitutional for that authority to be delegated to any agency.
I feel I'll like your forum because I don't like "preaching to the choir". Having to defend my ideas is something I enjoy doing. Plus I do not disagree with everyone on every point. I think this will be fun for all of us.
Good mornin', Cap'n! You will find an interesting mix here... don't worry, though, you won't be "preaching to the choir" as the trend is liberal here, but I personally am open to ideas , as long as they are non-violent or don't hurt others. That's why I'm liberal on most issues, pro-life on others, and conservative on practically none now that they have shown their true colors. I used to subscribe to Libertarian magazines in the early nineties, but I do still believe in government regulation (after all, WE are the government, not the corporations). I strongly believe that corporations have gained too much personhood and protections that they are not entitled to by the Constitution... those are for WE THE PEOPLE. Ahhh, you see, you have already stimulated a lot of thought and conversation!
Welcome Aboard!
Yank smile.gif
sky of mind
Welcome Cap'n!

Having a different viewpoint in the mix is about the only realistic way of keeping our own views from becoming too narrow.

I look forward to your posts. Enjoy!
I'm Col. soon2b from just south of you. Great OSU-Mich. game. laugh.gif Welcome!
Ronnie Jakers
Captian Liberty...... Imagine the movie guy's voice stating the below!

IPB Image

The county torn between laws and freedom.........

Don't fret..... help is on it's way!

Fighting for Civil Liberties and freedom from laws.....

Hee Hee Hee... sorry, just teasing... couldn't resist!

Welcome to the forum... it's not all serious discussion around here... although a fair share!
Aw, jeez. another one o' them librarians. don't be shushin' people and we'll get along fine.
Tee~hee, you guys and gal are a crack-up laugh.gif ... so glad I forgot to brew coffee this morning or my keyboard would be fried! Sooner , do we really have to call you Colonel from now on unsure.gif
'sO.K., I just made a pot...lemme pour ya' cup.
You know, TJ, you really have a hard time keepin' librarians.
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