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The Dude
hey all...commin' out of lurk mode ph34r.gif in Seattle

sooo...heh...I'm up here in sleepy liberal happy land. I guess what I mean by that is, it's so nice up here it's easy to forget the world is a pritty messed up place.

I'm not much for politics really, reading it all just tic's me off too much. but as you know the stink is pritty unbearable these days, too hard to ignore weather your reading about it or not.

anyway, I'm a regular Dude, I'm a welder in high end architectural metalwork...mostly private homes.

I went to Evergreen St. College doing mostly arts. I'm dislexic so that's also been a roadblock to my self education in the subjectmatter of this board here. honestly, it's very hard to keep some of these huge blocks of text squared away in my mind. and all the legal junk can really melt my brain, ya know ?

still I've read alot of stuff lately, mostly sent by a friend and one day he sent a link to this place.

I get my news from NPR duing drive time and some at work (but metal shops are noisy) I watch McNeal Lerrer when I get home and read the net...links I get sent and now I check here alot too. I've seen Losse Change and listend to the Groove monologue, American Scholars on C-Span a while back...lots or random readings, net vids...etc.

heh, ALex Ross shure got the name right, 'Info Wars' damn cofusing at times. especially the financial cloak and dagger stuff...I mean, I'm just a paycheck Dude ya know...

my mom is an old school Rep, she's got a pile of Ayn Rands 'The Objectivist' and her best freinds son is a libertairian economist. just sayin....never read any Ayn Rand, but I did like' The Fountianhead' w/ Gary Cooper.

well, that's my basic intro. pritty glad about the turnout yesterday...but many say the partys are really just the same anyway...well I guess at least the Dems don't put sand in the vasaline while they're bending ya over biggrin.gif bawling.gif

thanks for building the site
Welcome, Dude.
I've got family in Seattle. Nice place, very laid back.
Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Revolution !!
QUOTE(Rousseau @ Thursday, 9 November 2006, 8:35 am) [snapback]78872[/snapback]

Welcome, Dude.
I've got family in Seattle. Nice place, very laid back.
Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Revolution !!

With surly conservative commentary.

Join the fray, Dude! Some of your protective gear might come in handy.
I visited Seattle for the first time about 2 years ago and was very impressed. An awesome place to live would be my best guess, I could see living there has the all the beauty, the benefits of being in America where people enjoy the country they live and work towards taking care of the environment. And a beautiful one exists in the Northwest. I must say coming across the border from Canada was a most unpleasant experience, brought up visions of the Gestapo, but just the opposite in entering Canada, a most pleasant experience without the surly guards, German shephards and assholes walking around armed, thinking they could be complete pricks (as the one I dealt with was)
sky of mind
Yo Dude,

I'm in SW Wa, just over the river from Portland. I have lived in the Seattle area for about 5 years. We moved about every 10 months because of rent increases. I mean, like hell I'm gonna pay $750 for a $500 apartment, know what I mean? I lived there long enough to know traffic really sucks and had it not been for books on tape I might have totally flipped out.

Any hoo, welcome to the Rose where we're all a little crazy in our individual ways!

Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE!


I'm up on Cap Hill.

The Dude
QUOTE(Max-1 @ Friday, 10 November 2006, 2:00 am) [snapback]79011[/snapback]



I'm up on Cap Hill.

gee, that's suprising...makes that camera in your sig feel even more creepy shifty.gif

sky> heh, well, I'm lucky I guess. I got a cheap one room here. traffic for me has always been ok. about the same rout through the city for 15 years. heh, deeply ingrained rat path takes me about 30. min.

anywho...gonna surf the news thanks again for sharing the info here. smile.gif
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