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Finding this site was like a breath of fresh air. I am 57 years old. An educator for 30 years. During the 60's and 70's I was involved in anti-war and environmental cause. Finding a forum that sheds light on the underlying problems of this country and the world, namely growing Fascist strengths in governments world wide. With the US leading the way amongst the developed nations our freedom is at risk as never before. My father (a conservative republican) warned me all his life about the dangers of fascist growth in this country. This site is the first site I have found that rationally explores this danger through fact. It was through John Loftus' site that I found you. Keep up the excellent work.

Regards, reedspeed
sky of mind
How do, and Welcome to the White Rose Reedspeed!

Isn't it interesting that lately the conservatives such as your father, and we Progressive Patriots have been able to find such commanding common ground?
I know that through the decades there were always little bits of commonality, but never as there is today!

Let's hope we can get together and fix this country.
Lets hope it's not already too late!
I'm sure we'll benefit from your knowlege and experience. Welcome.
Greetings Reedspeed!
Your Dad and we all got something in common> we like Ike's farewell address (MIC speech)
And what sooner said!
Welcome Aboard Reedspeed,
Yank smile.gif
Greetings and nice to see you.
I agree. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE. Keep up the good work. I'm an RN on a psych ward at a VAMC hospital. WIfe is also an RN.. Our veterans are more open-minded, often, than the general populace. This site is refreshing. Real information. Differing opinions. Alternate threories. I preach to everyone that the media is the problem. It's like there is only one channel on my tv. CSPAN helps, but just tends to show how pitiful our political system is. Bill Maher is the best news on tv, and he's on the comedy channel. The biggest lie the media has sold the US is that the media is "liberal". Interesting, when the media is constantly touting Bush policy. War on terror??????????? Sure.
Captain America
You work in a VA Hospital? Interesting, you can shed some light on veterans issues then. Welcome.
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