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We've taken a few years off to focus our energies on the founder's run for public office and to build our skill set in online communications. The project is still evolving and we are continuing to work towards a more interactive site with automated archiving.


The Project for the Old American Century was started shortly after the 2000 election, when President Bush appointed the leadership of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)to the top levels of the Whitehouse, Department of Defense and State Department. The Project for the New American Century had effectively taken control of the Executive Branch of our government. The mother of the neoconservative movement, the PNAC had outlined a 100 year plan to use the United States' position as the last remaining superpower to impose an ideology of the extreme right on our domestic and foreign policy.

This project is our response.

Our effort is two-fold:

Statement of Principles